The Wooded Path 

Book One - Lake to Coast Series

What's normal once you realize life can be cut short?

Join believable characters as they question their own lives, their paths, after the disappearance of a woman on a North Carolina lake. One finds herself risking it all...and afraid of what really happened to their friend.

Across the Lake

Book Two - Lake to Coast Series

The character you least expect to return is back, experiencing lake life a whole new way. She's pushing boundaries. Not worried about fitting in. And she can't believe what she discovers.

What readers are saying

An edgy, thoughtful treatment of friendships, self-growth and marital fidelity.

Reveals a lot about marriage and relationships...makes you think.


An unflinching portrayal of women I felt I knew.

Mysterious, sensuous, well written.

The lake and the woods act as additional characters...paints a vivid portrait of North Carolina...

Kept me intrigued all the way to the end and I couldn't put it down!

I smiled many times, found things so relatable.

Loved how some of the phrases really catch me and I pause to reread them because they are such gems.

Simply could not put it down...

You may be critical of Laine, but her story rings true.

Readers of The Wooded Path will be continually provoked and delighted...

The writing and plot on all levels is masterful.

An honest and sensitive story that explores the delicacy of marriage, relationships and desire...

Liked the characters and the life lesson message.

Loved what I perceived as an allegory between the straight and narrow path and the wooded path that winds its way through moral convictions.

In the end I was reminded how similar we all are, and that we are our sisters' keepers, but not their judges.


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